• Must form teams of two students to take part to LSM Cup. These teams will be associated by the LSM Cup organisation (eventually randomly) two by two for the solving of each challenge. Participants acknowledge to play LSM Cup in the sole interest of the team in which there are registered.
  • Must register on the LSM Cup website Participants must complete all mandatory fields in order to submit a valid registration.
  • Agree that all pieces of personal information they communicate at the moment of registration are valid and correct. LSM Cup must be immediately informed of any change in these pieces of information. LSM Cup reserves the right to verify any piece of personal information at anytime. Incorrect information will immediately result in team disqualification.
  • Must submit a valid Curriculum Vitae at the time of registration. All CV must be written in English and uploaded as a PDF file. LSM Cup reserves the right to refuse any invalid CV. In case of refusal to submit a valid Curriculum Vitae, the participant’s team will be disqualified.
  • May only register in one team. All teams involved in multiple registration issues will be disqualified. Teams reduced to one or no member after the closing of registrations will be automatically disqualified, except for cases of absolute necessity as appreciated by LSM Cup.
  • Authorize LSM Cup to take pictures or make movie of them in the framework of LSM Cup and allow LSM Cup to use these pictures or movies for any purpose related to LSM Cup.

Price and payment

  • Registration fees are fixed to 40€ (VAT included) per team and must be paid, if you are selected, by bank transfer on the bank account IBAN : BE18 3630 4206 1765 (BIC: BBRUBEBB). You will know if you are selected by email on February. Once you have been selected, you will have 72 hours to pay and sent the payement proof to
  • By submitting your application, you accept the fact that if you are selected (we will decide regarding your CV), paiement will be compulsory.
  • Registration fees are not refundable in any case nor for any reason. Failing to pay the registration fee before February 15 2019 will result in cancellation of the registration. The fees include a welcome pack, a breakfast, the lunch and the dinner, as well as coffee/tea/soft drinks/water all through the event.


  • All contents available in challenge materials and challenge explanations are private and remain property of sponsoring company. LSM Cup support materials (such as website) are private and remain property of LSM Cup. These contents are strictly confidential and cannot be copied, or adapted or communicated under any form to anybody. Disclosure of private information that could cause damage to LSM Cup or sponsoring organization will be properly sued.
  • The confidentiality obligation above mentioned remains valid before, during and after the business game.
  • Sponsoring companies receive full right to use and copy the results of the challenges for their own purpose.


  • Participants failing to comply with this term of use will be disqualified.
  • Participants whose behavior, before or during LSM Cup, is contrary to public order, to CSR or in state to affect the smooth progress of LSM Cup will be automatically disqualified and risk in addition legal proceedings.
  • Participants’ disqualifications may not be subject to any appeal.

By completing the registration you certify having read and agreed all terms of use of LSM Cup. You accept to comply with any decision taken by LSM Cup or concerning LSM Cup.


  • LSM Cup is a business game organized by LSM Conseil.
  • LSM Cup is focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is composed of 3 main challenges: Innovation, HR and Supply Chain. Each of the challenges has to be treated with respect to CSR.
  • LSM Cup will take place on the 3rd of March 2019 at Coca-Cola European Partners HQ (Belgium). Detailed program can be found on LSM Cup website

LSM Cup obligations (toward all validly registered participants)

LSM Cup will:

  • Offer participation to LSM Cup 2019.
  • Open registrations to any second and third year bachelor, first year master or second year master student enrolled in a university education institution for current academic year. LSM Cup reserves the right to grant registration authorization in more specific situations.
  • Guarantee that personal information given by participants in the framework of LSM Cup 2019 will be used only for the purpose of LSM Cup 2019. *Personal information (included Curriculum Vitae) of participants may be communicated to some or all sponsoring companies.*


  • LSM Cup may not be held responsible of financial obligations towards participants except in the case of incorrect perception of registration fees. Participants will not be reimbursed of the registration fees once they are registered.
  • LSM Cup may not be held responsible for facts independent of their will nor for their consequences that could lead to cancellation or modification of part or the whole LSM Cup. Participants acknowledge they abandon, through their registration, any appeal in such cases.
  • LSM Cup may not be held responsible for incorrect functioning of LSM Cup website or any other material at disposal of participants for the purpose of LSM Cup.

Personnal informations

  • We guarantee that personal information given by participants in the framework of LSM Cup 2019 will be used only for the purpose of LSM Cup 2019. Personal informations of participants include CV and e-mail. CVs will be used for selection purposes by the organising team and stored until the LSM Cup. E-mail will be used for communication purposes only around the LSM Cup. Those data will be suppressed one year after the presumed end of the participants’s studies.
  • Personnal informations may be communicated to some or all sponsoring companies for the purpose of LSM Cup 2019.
  • Following the General Data Protection Regulation, participants have got the right to access, amend, and suppress their personnel data.
  • If any participant was to have any question about the use of it’s personal data, it can contact the LSM Cup team by e-mail on