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Spadel Group will sponsor LSM Cup 9th Edition. Click here to get to know more about our first official partner.




Levi Strauss & Co. will sponsor LSM Cup 9th Edition. Click here to get to know more about our second official partner.


Luminus will sponsor LSM Cup 9th Edition. Click here to get to know more about our third official partner.


AXA will host LSM Cup 9th Edition. Click here to get to know more about the Excellent BREEAM certification for sustainability.

The LSM Cup is the biggest CSR-oriented Business Game in Europe, organised in cooperation with Belgian companies.

Teams of four participants, made up of two independent pairs, face three different challenges, articulated around a single theme: corporate social responsibility. Each challenge is composed of a specific problem.

These case studies, designed by large companies striving to improve their CSR, challenge participants to face real problems they encounter every day. The University’s involvement in case preparation, as well as the presence of “CSR Louvain Network” professors in the jury, guarantees the quality and originality of the game.

The LSM Cup is open from the 2nd year of the baccalaureate to students from all over the world. We encourage the inter-faculty, international and multidisciplinary teams because we believe they foster innovative thinking!

Former Partners

For bringing me a unique experience compared to what every Business student practices, I can only recommend you to participate. You will come out of it winners, with or without prize.

Rémy Pigeon, LSM Cup Participant

The LSM Cup is a real win-win!
A win for companies, which see their case studied by numerous groups of students, thus bringing ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to their strategy, sometimes surprising, often innovative.

Win for students, who have a unique opportunity to analyze in a few hours a case of business strategy, in an agile and collaborative way. Their output will then be submitted to the evaluation of a professional jury coming from different horizons, and will perhaps seduce the managers of the company that launched this challenge!

Olivier de Wasseige, Union Wallonne des Entreprises, LSM Cup 2019 Jury

To me, the LSM cup was a great opportunity to apply my technical knowledge and use creativity to solve problems that go beyond day-to-day business. Solving CSR-related cases with a real impact in an diligently prepared environment was what made the LSM Cup stand out to me from other Business Games.

Hendrik Van Putten, Former CEO at AFC Leuven

Attending the LSM Cup last year was a great opportunity for me to learn, meet great people and to have a lot of fun along the way. From the challenging business cases up to the more relaxed parts, the whole event was very well organized and an amazing experience for me!

Victor Rommel, Junior CentraleSupélec, 2019 Best European Junior Enterprise

The LSM Cup is a unique experience. Being immersed for a day in a sponsor’s office and solving the cases as a team makes it an intense and challenging event. I had the opportunity to participate two years ago and then to organize it last year. This allowed me to acquire an experience and live unforgettable moments. If you have the opportunity to participate, don’t hesitate for a moment!

Géraldine Staumont, JE Belgium, Former LSM Cup Main Organizer

I highly recommend participating in the LSM Cup, as it offers a chance for students to put theory into practice and develop their teamwork skills. It made me realize the importance of being creative and being able to withstand time pressure. Furthermore, it also provides an opportunity to network with different outstanding companies. Give it a try!

Hughes Gabriëls, LSM Cup 2019 Participant (KULeuven)

There is no way around it: the LSM Cup is a challenge. Yet, done properly it taught me a number of valuable things, and maybe even more, it allowed me to realise I was up to the task. Having to react quickly, be creative, think on your feet; together with meeting lovely people in a nice atmosphere, this was my biggest takeaway of the event. Definitely recommend!

Arnaud Van de Putte, LSM Cup Participant

LSM Cup, it’s a rewarding experience that immerses you for a day in a professional context. LSM Cup, it’s a business game where meetings, sharing and innovation are in order. LSM Cup, it’s a game that takes place in an atypical setting. LSM Cup, it’s an event you do not want to miss!

Juliette Legrand, LSM Cup Participant

The LSM Cup was one of my bachelor’s most rewarding challenges. It’s an intense day, where you have to adapt yourself to new teams, being creative respecting short deadlines in order to find solutions for big companies. These few hours allowed me to learn so much, all this in an incredible atmosphere. We all come out winners, don’t hesitate to try the experience!

Raquel Salvador, LSM Cup 2019 Winner

Participating to the LSM Cup is not only an opportunity to brainstorm over real-life business cases, it’s also helping companies to be more socially responsible. It’s thus a perfect combination between growing personally and contributing to a better world!

Nicolas Raucent, LSM Cup Participant (Salesforce)

Participate in the LSM Cup was an amazing experience. It gives me the chance to work with other students from different universities on real CSR issues that big companies are currently facing. The day is quite intense but the good food and the atmosphere will give you all the energy you need.

Antoine Duchateau, LSM Cup 2019 Winner

The LSM Cup is an opportunity every student interested in CSR, should seize. The circulation of ideas and the fruitful debates allowed me to see things in a different way. Strongly recommend !

Valère Piérard, LSM Cup Participant
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